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Choosing an artist to permanently modify your body can be scary, we know. The artists at Zebra Tattooz have the experience to bring your vision to life, safely, while providing a pleasant and memorable experience.

Our Team

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Family owned and operated, Zebra Tattooz has been serving Streetsboro and the surrounding communities since 2004.

We are located at 8934 State Route 14, Streetsboro, Ohio, 44241  

Zebra Tattooz

          full-service tattoo and body piercing studio

‚Äč8934 State Route 14, Streetsboro  OH 44241   330-626-9772


  • Friendly service
  • Private booths
  • Single-use needles
  • Fully sterilized/autoclaved equipment
  • Large collection of tattoo flash art
  • An array of body jewelry
  • Tattoo-inspired clothing and accessories
  • Gift certificates