Zebra Tattooz

          full-service tattoo and body piercing studio

​8934 State Route 14, Streetsboro  OH 44241   330-626-9772

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Location and Hours

 ​ -Our shop is located at 8934 State Route 14, Streetsboro, Ohio, 44241 

 -We are open Tuesday-Saturday, 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

-Zebra Tattooz is a full-service tattoo and body piercing studio that is approved for your safety by the State of Ohio Health Department. We offer clean and friendly service and private booths for all tattoo and piercing customers.
-We utilize single-use needles and fully sterilized/autoclaved equipment and work spaces, and we educate each customer on the tattoo and piercing process and aftercare instructions.
-A large collection of tattoo flash and reference images are on display, and we can work with any customer to create a custom tattoo design or rework, recolor, or cover up an existing tattoo.

Prices and Payment

-Our shop minimum for tattoos is $60, and prices for designs are determined by size and detail. We do not give price quotes for tattoos over the phone, so feel free to stop on by so we can accurately price your design.
-Many of our basic piercings are only $20 (with the surgical-grade stainless steel starter jewelry included in the cost), but you may call to inquire about the price of each piercing as prices do vary according to type and placement.
-Please keep in mind that tattoo and piercing services fall under taxable sales, so the sales tax will be added to the quoted price.
-While we prefer cash payment, we also readily accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Tattoo Appointments

-Most of our tattoo work is done by appointment, and we require an in-person consultation before an appointment is made.
-You can stop in any time for a tattoo consultation, and you can bring your own designs and reference images. We will size it and price it for you on the spot.
-All appointments require a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the quoted price which will be applied to the price of your tattoo on the day of your appointment.
-Once an appointment is made, the customer must notify the shop to any changes to the design at least 24 hours before the day of the appointment. If the customer makes changes to the design the day of the appointment, a $25 fee will be added to the total cost and the appointment may be subject to rescheduling.

Body Piercing

 -We take most of our piercings as walk-ins, although appointments can be made in person or over the phone.  Appointments are preferred for lobe piercings on younger children, as well as microdermals. Appointments are required  for genital piercings.
- We use single-use hollow piercings needles (NO GUNS!), autoclavable stainless steel tools, and pre-sterilized, surgical-grade stainless steel starter jewelry for each piercing, We will not use any jewelry provided by a customer or purchased elsewhere.
-Certain unique piercings are for those 18 years old and over ONLY. Feel free to call for more details.

ID Requirements

 -The Health Department requires that any person getting a tattoo or piercing must provide a current state ID, driver's license, military ID or passport that includes a photo, full name, and date of birth.

 -Children that are 15-17 years old may get tattoos and piercings with the consent of a biological parent or legal guardian (court-assigned legal paperwork must be present in this instance). Parents must be present on the day the procedure takes place, and both the parent AND child must have a valid state ID/driver’s license present.
-We do offer ear lobe piercings for children of all ages! Appointments are preferred for your convenience.
-If you have any questions regarding ID requirements, feel free to give us a call.

Body Jewelry and Merchandise
-We carry an array of surgical stainless steel, titanium, and Bioflex body jewelry in various sizes and styles.
-We sell hand-printed Zebra Tattooz apparel, as well tattoo-inspired clothing and accessories by Rockin' Bones and Too Fast.

Gift Certificates
-Gift certificates are available throughout the year and can be applied toward tattoos, piercings, jewelry, or merchandise.